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Flutelab is an instrument making business in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Its owner is Maarten Visser, trained as woodwind maker in Newark, UK. Flutelab will make what is neccesary to optimise the interaction between you and your instrument. Whether you are a professional flutist seeking more stability in fast passages, or a beginner with a physical disability and a dream to play the saxophone, Flutelab can help.

ergonomical flute headjoints

There is no need to suffer while playing flute. Let Flutelab ergonomical flute headjoints allow you to hold and play the flute in a way that is gentle to your body, while enjo­ying great sound.


flutes for one-handed playing

Yes, playing the flute with only one hand is possible. Flutelab has built both right and left hand flutes.

saxophones for one handed playing

Right and left, tenor, alto or soprano, Flutelab has made many varieties for one hand saxophone. Including home invented revolutionary mechanics such as the clover leaf key and string-activated keys.

adaptive and modified wind instruments

From simple thumb rests to complex mechanisms, Flutelab has adapted well over 100 istruments to make them fit for players with physical limitations. As a matter of fact, we don't see the player as the problem. It is the instrument which ought to adapt to the player.