Flutes for one-handed playing

Flutelab has made flutes for both right-and left handed playing. There are several possible ways to do this. Flutelab looks into ease of playing, mechanical stability and cost.

This is the first one hand flute by Flutelab. It stands on its handle as player is able to hold the flute with the right hand.

Close view of a left hand action of a one hand flute by Flutelab. It works with combination keys, so that the B key also controls the F, and so on.


Here the extended low keys are visible (this flute has a B foot joint) and also the key arms that close E and D.

The fingering system of the left handed flute.


This is a right hand flute with an adjustabe support that is held in a hip belt.

Photo of the “clover leaf”keys. These keys have a 3-way action so the can close the key beneath, open/close a key elwhere on the flute or do both at once.

Deatil of the control mechanism on A and G keys on the right hand flute.


Key system detail of right handed flute. The thumb keys are operated by the right thumb.


Sounds good. What Do I do next?

In order to arrive at an instrument that is just right for you, I have to ask a lot f questions- the nature of the challenge, your objectives, motivation, left right, sitting/standing and more. Once I have an idea of what is neccesary I email a detailed quote, outlining the different options.

First step: email me.