Ergonomical flute headjoints

Flute playing and pain should not go together. But to play the flute comfortably is walking a thin line. The reason is that at five points the joints are at or near their maximal range of movement: the right wrist, the left wrist, the neck and both shoulders. So if there is any disturbance in this chain, there is little room for compensation.  To help flute players, Flutelab has made the Swan Neck headjoint and the Vertical head joint.

They come with a case and all neccesary supports.

Pricing: Swan neck head joint € 1500 euro.
Vertical headjoint € 1800 euro.
To order, contact me.  To order supports deparately, go to my Shapeways Shop.

The Swan Neck headjoint plays like a normal flute, but now with a relaxed an pain-free posture. There is much to tell about this, so it has its own dedicated page.


If all els fails, there is the vertical headjoint that transforms your flute into a vertical flute.

You can order a test set from Flutelab. With this you can find out if the Flutelab headjoints are helpful to you. It fits any flute and it coms with all hand and thumb supports, instructions and a tenon size measuring plug. It saves me having to send expensive headjoints around the world and dealing with customs declarations and import duties.


The testset comes with extensive instructions




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