Maarten Visser receives international award for one handed flute


On September 5th 2014 Maarten Visser, owner of Flutelab,  received the International OHMI Award for a one-handed flute. The jury was highly impressed, and convinced this instrument could be played at the highest level. The award ceremony took place at the Ars Electronica 2014 Gala in Linz, Austria.

Ever since starting his company De Fluitstudio in 1986, Maarten Visser has specialised in adaptive wind instruments for physically challenged players. Then he developed ergonomically engineered flute headjoints such as the swan neck flute and the vertical flute. These innovations make it possible for flutists with shoulder and neck issues to keep playing.Over the years Maarten has made over a 100 adaptive instruments. Nowadays, one-handed flutes and one-handed saxophones are built on a regular basis in his Amsterdam workshop. They are being played in the USA, Hungaria, Germany,  Australia and  the United Kingdom.

Edit van der Burg-Mayer is a Hungarian flute player who suffered half side paralysis after a thug attack. Thanks to the flute Maarten built for her she can play again. Edit performs on a regular basis and has made two CD’s.  This is the very instrument Maarten has received the OHMI award for.

OHMI  is a British charitable trust, dedicated to remove the barriers that one-handed musicians face. OHMI both promotes development of technical solutions as well as raising awareness about the issue

The  Ars Electronica Festival  is a worldwide leading event on the forefront of electronic art and new media.
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