Vertical flute headjoint

The Vertical Headjoint turns your flute into a vertical flute. You can play your own flute upright.

What is a vertical headjoint?

The vertical headjoint is entirely handmade of 925/000 silver. The angular design allows for great precision in the bore taper. This way, excellent tuning is achieved. The crown has an inlaid stone. The embouchure is hand cut.

How does the vertical headjoint work?

Simply put the vertical head on your own flute and you have a vertical flute.
The flute is supported by the right thumb, using a large thumbrest, and the left hand, using a left hand support. Both were specially designed for this purpose. As you can see, the flute is not held at exactly 90degrees, but slightly to the right of the player. This is most comfortable to the player and the design of the head joints takes this into account.

Some players prefer a carrying strap. For this, a ring must be added to the bottom of the flute which clamps around the foot joint at one end and has a ring for the hook at the other side.


detail of strap and large thumb rest

On request, Flutelab makes you the T rest. You replace the shelf part of an ordinary music stand with the T rest and you have a steady support for the vertical flute. It does not hold the flute fixed in one position leaving you room to move.

 How to hold the vertical flute?

here is a video showing all the instrument support and holding options and how to use them

What about the cost

The vertical headjoint costs € 1800. This is inclusive of case, thumb rest, left hand support. Strap and /or T support. Does not include shipping and import duties.

Sounds good. What Do I do next?
* You write to me with your request.
* You can order the test set via email. The test set lets you try out dummies of our products.
* USA residents: Flutelab is represented in the USA by Flute Specialists Inc.
They will be happy to let you try our products.

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